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listen & learn: conversations about polyamory, identity, and more!

Enjoy learning more about polyamory and LGBTQIA+ identities, as I chat with other therapists, coaches, and podcast professionals who are passionate about changing the cultural conversation around relationships. 

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Practicing Polyamory Podcast: Mono-Poly Relationships in Therapy with Stephanie M. Sullivan

Episode Summary: Therapist Stephanie M. Sullivan joins the show today and shares her story of finding polyamory through the lens of writing her grad school thesis. After a quick run-in with her cat, we talk about ambiamory and then dive right into ways to make mono-poly relationships successful. We talk about attachment styles and how they apply specifically to mono-poly relationships, including how introducing polyamory to a previously monogamous relationship can cause an attachment injury. So how should we approach the subject when just approaching it could cause damage to your relationship?

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Smart Sex, Smart Love with Dr. Joe Kort: Stephanie Sullivan on Polyamory

Episode summary: You’ve heard of polyamory, right? But, do you really understand what a polyamorous relationship looks like? This week Joe chats with Stephanie Sullivan, a polyamory-affirmative therapist to talk all things polyamory. Is it just cheating? Why do some people confuse it with affairs or infidelity? Even while our society has made incredible strides in the legalization of same-sex marriage, the idea that a relationship could include more than two people has remained a taboo—even when one in five Americans claim that they have been in a relationship with more than one person. Hear Joe and Stephanie dispel the polyamory myths. Does it work?” And “How do people make it work?"

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