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explore my education, public speaking & consultation offerings

I am able to provide trainings, speaking engagements, interviews, and consultations for therapists, coaches, and the general public. If you are interested in booking me for an event, scheduling an interview, or consulting with me about a case, please contact me via the contact form below, and I will respond to inquiries individually.

Education & More In-Depth Exploration

Are you a mental health practitoner looking for more in-depth education to better serve LGBTQIA+, poly, or kinky clients? I am an ongoing contributor to The Affirmative Couch, an online platform for disseminating information by and for LGBTQIA+ individuals, people with diverse relationship styles, and kinky people. The Affirmative Couch is committed to teaching affirmative psychotherapy to therapists in order to help more people in these communities have access to affirmative care. 


Get started with my articles for The Affirmative Couch or complete a course through The Affirmative Couch website. 

An Introduction

This option is for mental health therapists, counselors, psychologists, coaches, and anyone else in the helping field who is interested in consulting on a client or case that they are struggling with. I also offer consultations for folx who are opening up their own private practice or coaching business, or who want to make their business more poly-friendly and affirmative


Please come with any questions you have, and I look forward to working with you to make the world more poly-affirmative! 

Public Speaking Engagements

I offer various trainings and speaking engagements for therapists, coaches, helpers, and the general public.


Common topics for speaking engagements include, but are not limited to: an introduction to polyamory; the intersection of bisexuality and polyamory; and the implications and uniqueness of mono-poly relationship structures. Depending on location and needs, speaking engagements can be virtual or in-person. 


Learn more about these offerings below!

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I highly recommend Stephanie Sullivan's presentations on polyamorous clients! Her knowledge of the spectrum of polyamory, hidden biases in the intake process, relationship structures, and a client's own biases are invaluable in working with this population!"

I frequently present on sexuality, identity, and polyamory at speaking engagements and conferences, both in person and virtually. Inquire today to book me for your event or training!

my professional bio:

Stephanie M. Sullivan (she/her) is a white, bisexual, ambiamorous, able-bodied, cisgender woman with a chronic illness. She was raised in a small rural community in Michigan. Stephanie attended Central Michigan University for her BS and Purdue University Northwest for her MS in Child Development and Family Studies, with a Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. She now owns a private practice, Attunement LLC in Saint Joseph, MI, and sees clients all over the state of Michigan via teletherapy.


As a therapist, Stephanie specializes in anxiety, self-care, trauma, sexuality, and consensual non-monogamy. She has been working with the LGBTQIA+ communities, CNM communities, and kink communities for over five years. Additionally, she is an ongoing writer and presenter at The Affirmative Couch, providing online continuing education on clinical work with the polyamorous community to help mental health professionals provide affirmative care.


Stephanie also works as a relationship empowerment coach with people from all over the world in her coaching business, Color Your Name LLC. She specializes in helping her coaching clients create the relationships they want with themselves and their partner(s), and works with individuals, couples, and multi-partner groups on navigating polyamorous relationships. She is also involved in speaking engagements and offers consultation on polyamory and working with polyamorous relationships. Stephanie is a lifelong learner and aspires to continue to provide affirmative clinical work to her clients, create resources for clinicians and polyamorous folx, and help train other healthcare providers and helpers on affirmative care. 

past presentations & trainings:

A Brief Introduction to Polyamory and Polyamorous Relationships — Airport Marina Counseling Service, CA | June 2022 | Virtual 

An Introduction to Polyamory and Polyamorous Relationships Palo Alto Therapy, CA | April 2022 | Virtual 

Polyamory, Bisexuality, and Mono-Poly Relationships Tobin Counseling, MI | December 2021 | Virtual 

Polyamory in the Media Panel Discussion ClexaCon, NV | October, 2021 | In-person

Bisexuality, Ambiamory, and Mono-Poly Relationships Practices & Principles of Ethical Non-Monogamy Conference | June 2021 | Virtual 

Polyamory 101 Purdue University Northwest Human Sexuality Class, IN | Fall 2019 | Virtual 

Polyamory 101 Genuine Solutions Counseling, MI | Fall 2019 | In-person

Polyamory 101 Smart Sex Smart Love Speaker Series, MI | December 2018 | In-person

Speaking Engagments
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