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"My True Self" in rainbow colors against a paint stroke background

I'm so excited to share who I am and learn about who you are, too! 

all about me

Hi, I’m Stephanie (she/her). I am a bisexual and ambiamorous writer, educator, entrepreneur, therapist, and coach. With a decade of higher education, continuing education, and self-study, I have been able to utilize my training and experience to support many people through different stages of their journey.

Close-up view of Stephanie Sullivan enjoying a cup of tea.

I have both personal and professional experience with consensual non-monogamy, especially polyamory. When I was earning my Master of Science Degree, I did as much research as I could on open relationships and polyamory, and completed my thesis about marriage and family therapists’ attitudes towards polyamory (hint: they are mostly negative, unfortunately). After I graduated, I focused on working with the LGBTQIA+ and polyamorous communities, as I could see this community - my community - was in dire need of understanding and supportive professionals.

Stephanie stands in the distance, wearing a hat and winter scarf, peeking out from behind two boulders.

After being a therapist for a few years, I decided I also wanted to expand into coaching. Coaching is different from therapy in that it tends to be more solution-focused and goal-oriented, and I wanted to help others achieve their goals of opening up, navigating the polyamorous world, dating, or coming out to their friends and loved ones. 

I have gone through a lot of growth and change over the years in my own journey, and I am still growing and changing! My knowledge, skills, and tools, combined with your own expertise about yourself and your relationships, will help you create the relationships you want to have and be your authentic self. I always strive to develop a safe space where your thoughts and feelings can be heard and where you can learn more about yourself or your relationships.

When I am not working with clients, I can be found meditating, reading, journaling, scrapbooking, or really doing anything creative with paper. I also enjoy hiking, yoga, traveling, playing video games, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, spending time with my loved ones, and hanging out with my two mischievous cats, Chai and Chouli.

Two gray and white cats cuddle together in the shape of a heart.
A laptop is visible in the foreground, with a person's lap visible in the background, as they extend their arms toward the keyboard. Their arms are tattooed, and they appear to be actively typing on the laptop's keyboard, though the screen isn't shown.

Learn more about polyamory, its intersection with LGBTQIA+ identities, and how to become a more affirming care provider through my articles and online courses, as well as my public speaking and consultation services.

Experience the support that comes from finding a community of other bisexual, ambiamorous, and/or polyamorous folx through group work!

A group of five people with diverse gender presentations, body sizes, and skin colors smile excitedly toward a smartphone, held up by the individual closest to the viewer. They all stand close together, to fit in the selfie being taken. A mountain landscape is visible in the background.
A microphone on a stand is shown in the foreground of the image, with an open laptop behind it. The desk where both the microphone and laptop are located also includes several colorful office supplies, obscured by a blur effect in the background.

Learn more and explore my contributions to textbooks, interviews, and podcasts, working to change the conversation around polyamory and LGBTQIA+ relationships. 

Explore polyamory through one-on-one virtual coaching, designed to answer your questions about what it means to be polyamorous, have healthy poly relationships, and live your most colorful life!

A feminine presenting person sits on a well worn couch, bookended by two coffee tables. They are wearing a large cardigan with glasses, looking down toward the laptop they are typing on.
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