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Coaching by and for LGBTQIA+ and polyamorous people.

Color Your Name is a space that helps you grow and change to embody all that you are and want to be.


Your life should be colorful, loving, and fun - not bland and grey. Together, I want to help you connect with your True Self and live authentically with your partners. I can help you discover what you want and design your own relationships.


You can color inside the lines or outside the lines. Just make it colorful, and let’s have fun!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Stephanie Sullivan, and my pronouns are she/her. I am a bisexual and ambiamorous writer, educator, entrepreneur, therapist, and polyamory coach living in St. Joseph, Michigan. With a decade of higher education, continuing education, and self-study, I have been able to utilize my education and training to support many people through different stages of their journey.

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Growing up, I was obsessed with the Eragon series (and yes, the movie adaptation was terrible). In this series, knowing a person or object’s True Name - in the language of magic, of course - gives the speaker incredible power over that person or object. Knowing your own True Name is a source of great power, and your True Name encapsulates all that you are. Because of this, sharing your True Name with someone else is the greatest gift you can possibly give to another person. It is a symbol of complete trust and intimacy, just as sharing who you are - your authentic self - is a vulnerable thing to do in today’s world and is an expression of trust and intimacy.

We may not have the language of magic here in the real world, but my goal is to help you identify and embody your True Self in much the same way as your True Name would in Eragon’s world. This can be an emotional but empowering experience, and I believe that understanding our own strengths, as well as our faults, can help us navigate the world and fashion our relationships to be as fulfilling as possible.

That's why I created Color Your Name - to help you discover YOUR True Self through polyamory and LGBTQIA+ friendly and affirmative coaching.

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Stephanie’s guidance has been invaluable. In addition to giving me tools to better understand myself and my partners, Stephanie was kind and supportive, providing me with space to process challenging truths. She is professional, intuitive, and very helpful. I’d recommend her services to anyone looking to learn about themselves and their relationships.


Start connecting with your colorful, authentic self today!

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